Sunday, March 27, 2011

Summary Post C4K 4-6

My C4K assignment 4 was Room Mr. Harris room 19 blog; the class is a year 7/8 class in Auckland, N.Z. My students name was Jonty, and his post was very on topic with EDM 310. His post was regarding the new school acquaition of Netbooks. He was very excited at the prospect of not only learnong through this new format, but also with connecting with other students.

C4K assignment 3 was a first grade class from the same school. The really interesting aspect is how well the students comment, even across grades, on other students work.

My final C4K assignment 6 was a very interesting topic. The class was a Year 5/6 in Tauranga, N.Z These students had been studying how greek art was influenced by its culture; in keeping with this theme they had a slideshow of the work the class had done mimicing some of the greek techniques and culture.

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