Saturday, March 5, 2011

C4T Summary 2

For this C4t assignment I had the pleasure of reading About a Teacher by Gerta Sandler. This interesting commentary on her personal journey as an educator. Her first post was in regards to blended instruction through blogs and wikis; the post was actually about her presentsation for an online conference for educators. I think it is a great thing for teachers such as Greta, that have personal experiences in the classrooms with integrating this type of technology, to share their experiences with other teachers so they can learn how powerful these tools are.

The second post was a google presentation on creating a safe learning environment. At first the title of the presentation is a little deceiving, the presentation is actually focused on creating more of a nuturing environment. Greta's focus on creating a shared sense of community and clear rules are really great points that every teacher needs to understand in order to provide the best environment for their students.

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