Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 3 C4T Summary #1

I was assigned to Karl Fisch's blog The Fischbowl; the first post i viewed( 1/24 ) was an annual faculty dance. The dance took place in the gym, it appeared like a pep rally, and the theme was 80's music. the "professional quality" of the dancing aside, i told Mr. Fisch how great it was to see faculty having such a good time. As the student of an overly devout christian school, i was never able to see a majority of my teachers as anything more than an overbearing authority figure. Activities like this allow for a really great connect between students and teachers.

The second post( 2/1 ), was brainstorming ways to incorporate a "blended" math class; blended being a mix of virtual and face to face instruction. I elaborated on personal experiences so far in classes that employed online components to their curriculum. I suggested that ,with Mr. Fisch's technological knowledge, he could incorporate a traditional type of class shell online with some of the latest educational technology to create a unique experience.

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