Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summary Post C4K

I have really enjoyed the C4K assignments; i have been able to see technology in action in classrooms from New Zealand to Canada and then back to Alabama. My individual experiences with the assignments has been as varied as their locations. The fist week I commented on Zach's blog; Zach is a sixth grade student who has an affinity for bad grammar. That aside he posted eight random facts about himself. All in all this experience was interesting but yielded no real interesting insight.

My second comment was on Sebastian's blog in New Zealand. His post was very inspirational; the classes had just received their own personal notebooks. Needless to say, seeing schools in other countries take such great initiative to put technology in the hands of their students should inspire us to do the same.

The last comment, from Mrs. Wolfe's class in Birmingham, was a little strange. Firstly the post was anonymous which I found to be strange given that it originated from a class blog, but most notably was it's subject matter. The blog dealt with the idea of believing in God even though you can't see him. While I consider myself to be a believer, the condescending nature of the post seemed a little offsetting given the Author's intentions. But the case was made lucidly, all be it dramatically, therefore I believe the mission was accomplished.

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